Legend One

 One day, two lame men are begging from a young couple. After eating, they sang that:" I have a grass to dye cloth, the color will be firm even the cloth has worn". At the same time, they sowed some seeds. The young couple heard that the grass can dye cloth, they cut off some soaked in a vat, but no color can be seen. Some days have passed, the two lame men came here again begging wine from the young couple. After wining, they put some lime and wine into the vat. The young couple found the water has turned into blue. They asked the lame men the reason and their names. The lame men told the young couple that their names are Meifu and Gehong, and the grass that name is indigo grass made the water blue and the color will be firmed forever if using it to dye cloth. Next day, the young couple made a dyeing room according to what said by Meifu and Gehong. Since then, the dyeing mill that is mainly in dyeing blue cloth has appeared in China.

Legend Two

  A long long time ago, there were two men, their names were Meifu and Gehong, had together built a dyeing workshop for dyeing blue cloth especially. One day, a vat of indigo was left and turned into sediment soon. Seeing this, Gehong drunk a bottle of wine angrily and slept beside the vat. In his dreaming, he vomited his wine into the vat. Fearing any others can find wine in vat, Meifu was stirring it immediately. But the blue color had turned into the yellowish-brown in vat. Gehong felt it very strange after sobered up and put a white cloth into the vat, when he took it out, the cloth had become blue. Discussing this phenomenon, they invented the method of using alcohol to ferment the indigo sediment and to make it to be reduction. Since then, the later generations have regarded Gehong and Meifu as the founder of the dyeing industry.